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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Brand Image - Part I

For any organization, brand identity is communicated by word of mouth, through employees and customers, and via print materials and websites. In addition to these conventional techniques, a company’s fleet of vehicles, assets, infrastructure and ambience can be an effective platform for presenting the business’ brand image.

Brand management is a basic business practice that has been employed historically in consumer and packaged goods industries. This practice is now being adopted by companies in many other industries. But what is brand­ing?

Essentially, it is a consistent and broad-based focus on the image, value, and positioning of your products and services. The goal of effective brand management is to arrange these variables to maximize long-term sales, profitability, and firm value.

In today’s marketing-driven society, all aspects of the firm intersect to establish and maintain the image of your business. Your company’s brand identity is communicated visually, in a variety of diverse ways, including your webpage, print material, word of mouth, and storefront. A uniform ‘global touch on brand’ can strengthen the firm’s image.

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