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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Brand Image - Part - 2

Your brand image or your company image sets the stage for how receptive a target audience is for your messages. For service businesses, your image takes on an even greater importance because you are essentially the company's raw material, machinery, inventory and product all rolled into one. Therefore as an owner you and your employees comprise your company's image.

As an example, a wardrobe consultant who wears outdated clothes that don't fit to a potential client meeting won't create the image that attracts and retains clients.

Similarly, for an IT company even if you may have an average development team, but the confidence of your sales consultant is what shapes the client confidence and drives the business. Having said that, it does not mean that the development team can shy away from gearing up itself for challenges. The better the learning the more refined would be the output.

Some people confuse reputation with company image. Your reputation is only one component of an overall image. For example, you may have a reputation for always delivering quality products on time, but your company image also includes the quality of your presentation materials, your advertising, and your pricing and your Brand image.

More to follow - on the importance of Brand Image in start-up companies. Keep watching this space.

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