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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Windows Phone 7

Here is Microsoft’s new baby in Mobile platform.

Microsoft is trying to regain its position in the mobile arena with the launch of Windows Phone 7.  It is an Mobile operating system akin Android which many hardware vendors are deploying on their devices.

It has been touted by some as a iPhone killer, some as a good competitor and others as a damp squib. The results are yet to be seen, but it shows a potential of a good  platform for applications on the mobile.

Though there are many exciting features available in this phone but one of the main loveable core feature of copy & paste is missed out by Microsoft for some reasons : ). But MS promises it will be available by start of 2011.

It has managed to gain quite a bit of visibility in the market (thanks to Microsoft’s aggressive marketing). Find more reviews and write ups available on the following links.


and here is what Steve Ballmer has to say about Windows phone.


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