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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RFID Technology: Ten RFID Myths and Realities PART-I

A person can get a very good high level understanding of RFID Technology by reading my last 3 blogs on RFID Technology. One of my experiences I would like to share when I started exploring on RFID technology 3 years back. This is about a myth lingering in people mind about RFID.

There is so much RFID information floating around the internet and appearing in magazines and newspapers that it is easy to become confused or misinformed. I liked a list of 10 Myths created by Barcoding inc which I would like to share.

1. RFID is a "talking" barcode

2. You can read every RFID tag every time

3. You can take inventory with the push of a button

4. RFID delivers perfect information

5. You can buy RFID tags for 5¢

6. The tag cost is critical to making any deployment pay off

7. RFID is primarily a supply chain technology

8. RFID spells the end to privacy

9. RFID is easy to deploy

10. I can afford to wait

List looks interesting and sometime we feel it so. I will describe about these Myths in the next series.


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