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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Useful tips on communication while Dealing with Client (Part-III)

This is the last series on useful tips on communication with Client. There are more good useful tips to remember and practice.

13- Do Not use of word "Today Evening",  "Today Night", "Yesterday Night" and "Yesterday Evening".

Int’l Clients Context: These are not correct; "Today" means "This Day" where the Day stands for Daytime. Therefore "Today Night" is confusing.

The correct usages are: "This Evening", "Tonight”, "Last Night" and "Last Evening".

14- There is no word called "Updation". Avoid saying "Updation".

Int’l Clients Context: You “update” somebody.
Eg:-“You wait  for updates to happen to the database.”

15- Do not say "Sir". Do not call women "Madam".

Int’l Clients Context: When you talk to someone for the first time, refer to them as they refer to you.
In US, the first conversation usually starts by using the first name. Therefore you can use the “first name” of a client.

16- Avoid using back,     instead of "Back“  try to use "ago"

Int’l Clients Context: Use "ago". Back is the worst word for American.
(For Days use "Ago",For hours use "before")

17- Avoid using….“BUT" "YESTERDAY" "TOMORROW"

Int’l Clients Context: Use…"However" for BUT... "Last day" for YESTERDAY… "Next day" for TOMORROW

So by practicing few mentioned points in my blogs on this subject will obviously help to improve at communication side. So Improve at English, I would suggest following exercises in daily life.
-       Read English News Papers
-       Watch International English News Channels
-       Communicate in English with your colleagues while at work
These medium will help you to improve your English language as well as confidence.


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