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Sunday, July 31, 2011


It has been late this month for my posting to our blogs as I was travelling and had some prior commitments. Nevertheless, here I am with the new entry and this time it is an important subject Google+. I am sure by now everyone is aware of Google+. If not, then I trust you are not staying somewhere in cave away from civilization.

As against the previous attempts by Google in the social networking arena like Wave, Buzz etc. this one looks a lot different. I have started liking it and the story seems to the same with millions out there. Google’s invite only campaign has been pretty successful till now with Google+.

Now comes the crucial one, does it have that to beat FB. To be frank, can’t say. The reason may be that it depends a lot on many other factors than how well Google+ does in terms of features. There is not much content out there in Google+ yet and many people still tend to go with FB for their daily dose of social networking, because that is where they find their most of the friends. I feel Google should come out quickly of invite only mode and release it to all.


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