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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Look at your list of Goals, using the SMART mnemonic.

Make sure your goals are:

S – Specific. This means your goals include systems for achieving them. You have specific actions that can be carried out that work toward your larger goal.

M – Measurable. This means that the changes you see once the goal is reached is noticeable. You will feel different, because you are healthier, because your family or social life has improved, because you are performing well at work, etc.

A – Achievable. This means that the goal is realistic and can be reached. There are benefits to aiming high, but you don’t want to aim so high that you become disappointed and discouraged from making any changes at all if you can’t reach the goal you set.

R – Relevant. This means that there is a real need for your goal. You have been unsatisfied with a certain area of your life for some time, and you have a strong motivation to want to change it.

T – Trackable. This is similar to measurable, but means that you can assess your progress throughout the process. Have you made a schedule and are you following it? Are you progressing gradually? Are you getting along better with your loved ones? 

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