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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RFID Technology

RFID Technology:
Many of us have heard about RFID Technology. RFID Technology is being used slowly in the industry for ROI in the long run. Most of us know about RFID on high level that it is used for identification purpose. This is Right!!!. This identification of object using RFID can be planned to work in various Business scenarios such as Asset Tracking, Vehicle parking, Document Search etc

 If we know the principle of RFID (How it works?) then we can think of RFID usage in any business area.

Below is high level Principle of RFID Technology:

If you think for a while, operation of RFID is very SIMPLE
CONCLUSION: Tags are placed / fixed on object. When object with Tag comes into vicinity of RFID Reader, antenna reads tag Id and sends it to Reader, in turn Reader sends it to computer where our Business logic processes this event as per our requirement. SO SIMPLE!!! Isn’t it.

So we can think of using RFID application in any area around us. Such as Asset Tracking, Automatic door access control, Animal Tracking, In Retail Shop etc

So, you can think of innovative Ideas using RFID application and share with us. May be some of reward is waiting for you :-)




  1. There are various fields where RFID could be useful like Animal Tracking, Library Management, Pharmaceutical, Waste Management and Military.
    For Example: You can use RFID for Animal’s basic health monitoring such as the frequency with which animals visit feeding stations. A decrease in frequency can be an indication of illness.

  2. Instantly the data can be read on each tag showing which field it was harvested from, the date of the harvest, the average and high moisture levels of each bale, the temperature and weight of the bale and any preservatives that have been used.https://www.farmpally.com/rfid-technology-in-agriculture/

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