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Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to communicate using your brand!!!

One needs to think about what it is that one wishes to communicate with the target audience. What are ones messages and why do they need to know these messages. Also how can one back these messages up, not only with evidence but also graphically in ones brand style, in the logo, the name of ones business, in ones typography and in ones copy.
All these things are a lot easier to make effective if they are proactive rather than reactive. By getting these things clear in ones head at the start can help one with everything else that follows. If one waist “to see how things go” then one may find that this simple process becomes a lot more complicated and expensive. Not only will getting these messages straight in someone’s head help one to sell ones service or product, but it will also help the employees and their motivation and behavior.

In terms of the design element of a brand – once one has got a solid style this needs to be implemented consistently across all marketing materials. Not only on the letter heads, business cards and compliment slips, but on the signage, leaflets, brochures, email signatures, PowerPoint presentations and website. Think MacDonald’s. It will cost you in money but not in respectability. There are so many businesses which have about 6 variations on their logo. This causes confusion in a target audience and gives one an unorganized persona.

One needs to make life easy for the target audience. If one can create consistency with the brand this leads to a comfort zone. Simplicity is the key. The messages may be complex but the way one communicates them needs to be simple.

When starting a company it’s important to start building brand identity. Reach potential customers through the use of logo products and create a favorable impression with fun freebies like stress balls and personalized travel mugs. The company logo is the most recognizable feature of ones business whether one has been in business for 2 days or 20 years. Take advantage of the benefits that promotional items can give you.

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Contribued by Najeeb

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