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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RFID Technology: Spectrum used for RFID…Sequel II

Nowadays we are hearing news about 2G SPECTRUM Ghotala (Fraud). The biggest fraud in the history of India. It is under investigation!!! For RFID also some of bands (Spectrum) are used for its usage J but there would no Ghotala as such.

Last week, basic operation of RFID application and usage were discussed. Many of us were thinking about the frequencies being used in RFID application.

Three frequency ranges are generally distinguished for RFID systems, low, intermediate (medium) and high. The following table summarizes these three frequency ranges, along with the typical system characteristics and examples of major areas of application.

Frequency Band
Typical Applications
Low 100-500kHz
  Short to medium read range
  low reading speed
  Access control
  Animal identification
  Inventory control
  Car immobiliser
HF 10-15MHz
  Short to medium read range
  Potentially inexpensive
  Medium reading speed
  Access control
  Smart cards
UHF 850-950MHz 
Ultra High Frequency
  Long read range
  High reading speed
  Line of sight required
  Railroad car monitoring
  Toll collection systems

Next week, I will give brief about LF, HF & UHF for better understanding and usage of these spectrums. So Not possible for any Ghotala in RFID usage as government has allocated for RFIDJ.

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