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Thursday, December 23, 2010

RFID Technology: Ten RFID Myths and Realities PART-II

In this series I will brief about 10 Myths in parts. Let's start with first 2.

Myth #1 –RFID is a “talking” bar code.
Some people think that RFID tags are merely barcodes that can "talk" to readers instead of having to be read by a laser or imager. While this is somewhat true, the real differences are more significant. RFID tags are much more powerful than barcode labels because a typical RFID tag can hold 2KB of data, far more than a typical barcode, which represents just 10-12 digits. RFID tags can also be programmed and reprogrammed, making them a dynamic part of a data collection solution where barcodes can be printed once and then must be reprinted each time the information changes.

Myth #2: You can read every RFID tag every time.

There are many factors that affect the read rate, including the distance the tag is from the reader, and what substance the tag is placed on. Metal and water are not very good conductors of ultra-high frequency signals, while some low-frequency tags can be embedded in metal construction parts.
The tag orientation and design are also factors that can affect a tags readability. Good engineering and system design will increase the read rate of tags and some procedures may have to be altered to obtain acceptable read rates. It is not possible to read every tag every time.


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