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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RFID Technology: Ten RFID Myths and Realities PART-IV

In my last series we have gone through  five myth. Today I will brief next two myths and remaining will be completed in Part V.

Myth #6: RFID delivers perfect information.
The information the tag sends to the reader is only as good as the information that was put on the tag. This opens the door to human error in data entry. Information can also be affected by poor system design, unskillful or incompetent integration, poor software design, unfriendly materials such as water and metal, human error, double reads, no reads and other factors. However, a well-designed system that detects and corrects errors can provide near perfect information about your supply chain.

Myth #7: RFID is primarily a supply chain technology.
RFID has been deployed and is an effective solution for:
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • WIP, just in sequence, right parts
  • Access control and security
  • Payment systems for fuel and merchandise
  • Toll roads
RFID represents an opportunity to add value as opposed to a cost incurred for tracking items


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