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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Truth About Positive Thinking

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2011. Last few blogs of my colleagues are on motivational subject and hence planning to continue the same. Enjoy reading truth about positive thinking…

The Truth About Positive Thinking

A lot of people are very skeptical about positive thinking because they have tried it in the past and did not see any real improvement in their lives.

Those who dismiss positive thinking are in fact right about one thing – Positive thinking alone will NOT change your life.

The truth is that there are no magical genies waiting to make your dreams come true just because you maintain a positive attitude.

This does not however mean that positive thinking is a waste of time. On the contrary, positive thinking is the first step of a powerful process that can and will change your life if you choose to apply it.

Here is the truth about positive thinking…

Positive thinking is only effective when it inspires you to take positive action towards achieving your goals.

Over time, repeated positive action becomes a positive habit and it is these habits that will bring you the positive results you desire.

The main reason people become disillusioned with positive thinking is because they mistakenly expect positive thoughts to lead directly to positive results. When things don’t improve, they then dismiss the concept of positive thinking entirely. This is a big mistake.

Once, you understand that positive thinking is the first step of a powerful four step process, you will discover that the true benefit of positive thinking is that it gives you the impetus to take action.

This Week’s Action Steps:

1. Visualise your goals each day and fill your mind with a positive image of the outcomes you want to achieve.

2. Use these positive thoughts as a springboard to take action.

3. Understand that repeated action becomes a habit.

4. Establish the habits that will lead you to achieve your most important life goals.

- Aslam


  1. Good One. This is a common misubnderstaning. This is also known as "Day dreaming" which is extreame positive thoughts but no actions. Hence as written, thought+ actions are important. Haroon