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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Record your FISHES

I am back with you my friends and yes please don't be misled with the title, I am not discussing seafood with you (you can better discover that for yourselves with a trip to Mahesh Lunch Home or Only Fish) neither am I talking about any visit to the aquarium or not even census count of the fishes in the deep seas and oceans.

This my friend was a learning from the soft-skills training program conducted at our organization Octaware Technologies in the Mumbai Development Center title "Get Set Goal".

As a part of its regular Training & Development program for its employees through knowledge sharing sessions Octaware Technologies arranged a program on Goal Setting through MyCareerMate a part of Burooj Realization which is into Corporate & Management Training Programs. This session was held on the 10th of September, 2011.

The program was aimed at instilling the importance of Goals and how to set SMART Goals in life in whatever field we endeavor.

It is said about goals that:
- Goals give you direction in all areas of life - Personal, Career, Spiritual, Material and Contribution.
- Goals give you a reason to get up early in the morning and go to bed late at night.
Goals will put drive and passion into your life.

As it is said that,” Not having goals is similar to sailing a ship across the Atlantic without a map. Goals, like maps, help you get to your destination much faster than sailing through life aimlessly."

You need to divide goals as 'Long Term', 'Intermediate' & amp; 'Short Term'.

The participants were asked to imagine Octaware as a person and define what characteristics come to their mind. Some of the characteristic which flew around from them were in people described it as a Male, Young, energetic, one who keeps his Commitment, A good Strategic Thinker, etc.

And it was then said that each one of the employee represents Octaware and as such needs to inculcate these characteristics as well.

Further, you may identify various areas of life wherein you need to set a goal for a more wholesome life.
F- Family;
I - Intellectual;
S - Social;
H - Health/ Fitness;
E - Economic;
S - Spiritual.

And this is what Re-coding your FISHES is all about :)

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